Womens Day

An hour everyday, that’s all it takes to indulge in some sort of fitness activity, at home, outdoors or at the gym. 

Now that you know, you may choose to avoid reading the article further and instead start today, or read ahead as I try to convince you to start making your own health a priority. 

In the Indian household, health is not something of a hot topic and whenever discussed it’s either after a condition being detected for someone within the family or imposing restrictions on eating habits and control. Rarely, there are discussions on starting a healthy habit together as a family or a couple or maybe bringing new changes to the way we live. Health and fitness is something we tend to skip (give a back seat). Doctor visits and a drawer full of medicines is so normalised, but any regular activity is considered something rare or unique. 

Victim of all this? The wife, the mother.  I may be generalizing, this may not be your household, but it is of most, even in the city.  

The race today is about progressive thoughts and higher degrees, while your own health takes a backseat.  

It is said that “If you educate a woman, you educate a generation” and it is common for fitness experts to tell women “if you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone”. 

Trapped in this role of “a caring figure”, the guilt of self-care is evident in them, as it is still mistaken for being selfish.  

Mothers are busy running around making your house a home while reaching new heights in their own careers. While she takes care of every member, she forgets her own self, and by the time she reaches mid forties, she is drained and diagnosed with some new health scare. 

Health is more than just that number on the weighing scale. Today more and more women can be seen in the Gyms, Yoga studios or gardens – working out most with a goal of reducing weight. However, the health of a person depends on his physical, mental, emotional health and stability.  Another thing is to understand that you are never too old to start, but the sooner the better.  Talking to mothers in many cases has been futile for me. They do understand, but now they are a creature of habit, and ignoring themselves is not something they would change soon. 

It becomes the responsibility of those around her to make sure she gets adequate exercise and rest.

But we as women, ask yourself, DO I WANT THIS? would you want to depend on someone to take care of you in future? This itself will put you in guilt. The truth is, as women, we are born with a responsibility – but we have forgotten that the responsibility has to be towards us first! So, how about taking the first step towards your own wellbeing. 

It was only when I started a regular office job, that made me join a class and start practicing Yoga daily. I did not want my health to suffer and lose in this rat race that our society lives in. Yoga is a simple way to begin this journey towards good health. Starting or ending your day with Asanas will give you the physical strength and mental peace needed. A wholesome understanding of self and how to make a fitter family.

Happy Women’s Day to all! 

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