by Donna Gamit

So I’ve been trying to control my sugar cravings since quite sometime now. I failed ’21 days no sugar’ challenge to Malpuva last month. But good looking dessert is my weakness.

I don’t think I can ever eliminate desserts completely from my life but am trying to opt for ‘healthier’ options (It sounds sad sometimes, ‘healthy dessert’) as I want to keep in check of what I put in my body.

This is from my personal experience and experiment that whenever am off sugar(artificial/refined sugar) and bread for more than 10 days am less sleepy throughout the day, more energetic, clearly more happy, more focused, less anxious, no skin breakouts, more good-skin-days, less depressive thoughts and also, it’s easier to meditate during those days for long.

Though there’s some amount of sugar in almost everything we eat daily and it’s practically impossible to avoid it altogether and its not even healthy or recommended because body needs sugar/carbs for energy. I’m not saying here to stop eating desserts, am just trying to encourage eating strategically.

With my regular yoga and minimum of 4 litres water everyday am less worried about sugar side-effects now. My craving for sugar, fried food and white flour has absolutely reduced but still I allow myself a weekend to binge over the good looking food without stressing much about it’s nutrition!

What I’ve learnt so far is, our body works best when we try to be friends with it and not a strict teacher always.

Your body is your temple. They don’t say it without a reason that ‘health is wealth’. Right?

Let’s take care of ourselves.

About Donna:

An epicurean, fitness enthusiast, a yoga practitioner and a sunrise lover. I write about boring stuff and translate it to buy myself food, air-tickets and yoga pants! I collect exotic teas, oils and Kohls. I believe in eating healthy and respecting body above all.

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