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I’ve been waiting for you.

You have found a way to stay in good health, or have always lived a healthy lifestyle, or you fought the vices and became a much fitter person or you are still struggling but have not given up. You have a story to share. !

Welcome to the One Step Fitter family.

Our readers would love to know more about your journey, the sport you play or the way you train and what you eat.

Become a guest contributor at OSF and experience the joy of motivating one more person to get fit.

Who can contribute?

Bloggers, experts, amateurs, and novices.  Just anyone living healthy.

What can you contribute?

Self-transformation stories, fun facts, explain nutrition, tips on any form of workouts, myth busters, introduction to new activities, experience with yoga, cycling, running, swimming, dancing, crossfit, MMA. Just anything on healthy living.

OSF is open to reviewing fitness products and trying out plans, you may contact us for the same.

What are the contributing guidelines?

Once you mail the pitch or an entire article, it will be checked for authenticity and reader engagement. If shortlisted, it will be edited as per the standards of the blog. The author will be credited and links to the accounts of the author will be shared as per his/her desire.

The article must not be plagiarized and any tips or facts should be doubly checked. Images sent should not be copyright product of some other owner. Sources must be mentioned for information and images taken from other pages.

However, OSF takes no responsibility for missed facts (Disclaimer).

We would also love to collaborate with you on joint blogs and exchange articles.

Mail us your articles/ videos/ photos/ pitches at amritadas@onestepfitter.com

Waiting to hear from you. !