Between 0 and 100 there are 99 numbers, 99 steps.

In a race to reach 100, we jump over a lot of vital steps.

We at One Step Fitter (OSF) consider health and fitness a journey, which ends only with one’s life. There are no shortcuts and definitely no skipping. In a world of quickfixes and easy hacks, OSF believes that your fitness level should be challenged daily. You should try to be better than what you were yesterday, not what a Pro-athlete is Today.

You will find your much needed motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle which is doable. Tips on aspects of living that looks and sounds so simple, which will make your goals achievable and approachable.  A platform for everyone who is moving towards a fitter self, to share their own stories. Building a global community for Healthy Body, Lifestyles, Families and World.