Post all degrees, I started a 10 to 6 job.

My first day to office/ work life was also my first day to the world of fitness. I made sure to have a constant workout of any kind even while working, to not slip into this world of excel sheets and take care of myself.That’s how I joined a Yoga Class in my town and was instantly blown away by how much I enjoyed doing yoga. Later to challenge myself further, I joined Anti-Gravity and fell in love with the feeling of elated and flying and inversions.

One and half year later, I was being asked to teach Yoga and fitness tips by friends and acquaintances on Snapchat and Instagram. But I was not qualified, that’s what I would say.

Fast forward, after getting my certification as a Yoga practitioner, I have learned a more traditional sense of what the state of Yog is.

Today, I run in winters, swim in summers and practice Asanas almost every day.

I prefer to call myself as a Yog Student as each day and each encounter with people, animals, and things is a learning experience.

Join me as I share my experiences with Yoga and try exploring different fitness ideologies and forms, all for fun in fitness.